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We work with you and your ministries to reach the culture today.

It’s your ministry – your passion – your place in God’s mission to the world.

 Let us help you turn your ideas and visions into products and events that effectively accomplish the goals the Lord has set on your heart.

Creative and Production Partners

We are not just another consulting service.  We don’t tell you want to do, we work with your ideas and ministry goals in a way that connects your leaders and members to the process.  It is our aim that through our collective work your team will learn the needed skills to manage whatever we do together.

Long Term Reach

You are invested in the long term success of your ministries and we want to help you vision the future and find creative ways to get there.  God has a plan and our work together will allow you to take the necessary time to realize and work towards the plan He has for your ministries.


Uniquely Lutheran

Our Lutheran family on earth is certainly it’s own breed of church!  As we develop ministries in creative ways we work to honor the traditions and heritage of the Lutheran Church while embracing the reformative nature of our denomination.  It’s also good to know that our team is led by an ordained LCMS Pastor.

Practical Projects


It isn’t a benefit to your ministries if we come up with a product or event that exceeds your resources or management potential. Instead we work with you to create practical creative products that will stretch your people but not break them or cause them to disconnect. We want you and your people to stay engaged and enjoy the mission before you.


Collaborative Design


You know your ministries.  We help you through the creative process to design and develop your ideas.  Have a team?  Through our collaboration process your teammates will gain ownership over the designs and plans so that your ministry together flourishes and your people stay engaged.

arrow3Event Production


We help guide the production process of events from conception to post event meetings.  Want to turn your church picnic into a community event?  Host a gala to bring awareness to a specific ministry?  Looking to improve your worship production flow?  We will work with your ministry leaders to develop events that accomplish the goals the Lord has laid on your heart.  

arrow3Ministry Support & Training


As you develop or re-develop ministries to reach the culture today, we help you to leverage modern technology and communication tools to maximize the reach of your ministries.  We aren’t a web hosting or PR maintenance company – we build websites, communication pipelines, and PR materials with you so that moving forward, your team has the skills and training to maintain and create all you need.

RevCreative is led by Billy Brath and fueled by a group of minds from all corners of the ministry and creative world.

Billy Brath works to assist leaders and ministries reach their mission field with the gospel more effectively.  Since an early age, Billy has worked in the arts:  from performance to physical  and later on,  digital.  After earning an undergraduate degree in secular religious studies, Billy worked full time as a dancer/performer in Orlando.  During his first years he worked specifically for the Disney Company in shows and parades where he developed his passion for perfection in entertainment.  He then went full time with an entertainment company that contracted to the major theme parks, conventions, and night clubs in Orlando.  During those years Billy was able to perform on various stages and interact with thousands of people.

He then attended Concordia Seminary in St. Louis with fieldwork in an inner-city congregation.  Billy served his vicarage year in New Orleans two years after hurricane Katrina and was involved in ministry restoration efforts especially at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and Tulane University.  After graduating seminary in 2009, he joined the ministry staff at Trinity in downtown Orlando where he served as associate Pastor and urban missionary working to bring the gospel to people outside the church.

In 2013 Billy, along with a team of passionate locals, began planting a church on the campus of the University of Central Florida.  In 2015 he transitioned away from Trinity to be the Lead Pastor of this new church start: LiveUCF.

Over his years in ministry in Orlando, Billy has had the opportunity to work with various ministries, both local and national.  This work “created” the organization: RevCreative.  Billy is excited to continue this work in the church – helping leaders and ministries reach the culture today.





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