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Experience Design for Ministries & Non-Profits

Collaborative Design

Creative design is at the heart of our ministry and we want to work with you to create the best ministry products, stories, and events as possible.  Our collaborative sessions range from in-person full brand concept design to distance conversations over the creation of logos, graphic products, and websites.  Our across the board design products include: logos, websites, print & digital media, promotional & text based videos, and event space design.  

Cost Varies:  Begins @  $300 single item creation, $500 min website creation, $500 half-day cansult, $1000 in-person full session


Communication Product & Pipeline Consulting

We help your ministry team navigate the ever expanding and complicated media landscape. In person and online seminars (coming November 2016) provide resources and training for your leaders.  The  half-day session includes a custom review of your print and digital products, a storyboarding session, communiation pipeline creation that conforms to your ministry needs, plus pre & post workshop consulting.

Cost:  $300 Skype-session seminar, $700 in-person, online seminar tbd

Worship & Event Production

We want to help you bring your ministry ideas to life while assisting your team in growing and refining current events.  We approach event production from a Disney-like entertainment theory: that your event should hold the attention of your people and deliver the message you feel called to present. These sessions vary from in-person work to distance conversations and equip you to produce quality Christ-centered events for years to come.

 **Full event design and production services are also available.

Cost Varies:  Begins @  $300 distance consult, $500 half-day cansult, $1000 in-person full session

Creative Problem Solving Facilitation

We use proven facilitation methods to bring the creativity out of everyone on your team.  These sessions are designed to help you solve problems that come up in your ministries.  This includes brand decisions, program/event creation, worship refinement, or general creative needs for your people.  These in person events range from 4 hours to a weekend and include pre and post facilitation event consulting. 

Cost:  rates vary

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RevCreative is led by Billy Brath and fueled by a group of minds from all corners of the ministry and creative world.

Billy Brath works to assist leaders and ministries reach their mission field with the gospel more effectively.  Since an early age, Billy has worked in the arts:  from performance to physical  and later on,  digital.  After earning an undergraduate degree in secular religious studies, Billy worked full time as a dancer/performer in Orlando.  During his first years he worked specifically for the Disney Company in shows and parades where he developed his passion for perfection in entertainment.  He then went full time with an entertainment company that contracted to the major theme parks, conventions, and night clubs in Orlando.  During those years Billy was able to perform on various stages and interact with thousands of people.

He then attended Concordia Seminary in St. Louis with fieldwork in an inner-city congregation.  Billy served his vicarage year in New Orleans two years after hurricane Katrina and was involved in ministry restoration efforts especially at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and Tulane University.  After graduating seminary in 2009, he joined the ministry staff at Trinity in downtown Orlando where he served as associate Pastor and urban missionary working to bring the gospel to people outside the church.

In 2013 Billy, along with a team of passionate locals, began planting a church on the campus of the University of Central Florida.  In 2015 he transitioned away from Trinity to be the Lead Pastor of this new church start: LiveUCF.

Over his years in ministry in Orlando, Billy has had the opportunity to work with various ministries, both local and national.  This work “created” the organization: RevCreative.  Billy is excited to continue this work in the church – helping leaders and ministries reach the culture today.

RevCreative   –   –   321.287.7742